Solid Rock Youth Center exists to give the teens of the Morrisville community a safe and fun environment to pursue recreational, educational, and spiritual development, allowing them to build character and leadership skills based on Christian morals and values.


Why a youth center in Morrisville? The youth of today are inundated by a pop culture that forces them to conform and pressures them with unscrupulous morals and values.  Morrisville is well known among its community members as being  a friendly community and yet it also has a high rate of teen problems.  Statistics show that 41% of students are economically disadvantaged, many from single parent families among which 30.3% of single mothers with children under 18 live in poverty. The 2005 Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) risk and resource assessment identified as risk factors among Morrisville students: 1) Low Self Esteem, 2) Community Disorganization and Low Neighborhood Attachment, 3) Perceived Academic Failure, and 4) Favorable Parental Attitudes to Anti-Social Behaviors. A survey among the youth showed that peer pressure, alcohol and drug abuse, and gangs were at the top of their concerns.  The non-existence of a youth center also rated highly.  They felt they wanted a place where they could be safe, have fun, and also grow and learn.  Our youth center’s purpose is to give them just such a place based on a firm foundation of Christain morals and values. Showing them:

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When is the SRYC open?

The SRYC is open through the school year (generally the second week of Sept to first week of June) every Friday and Saturday night from 6:30-9PM. We are closed for every major holiday that falls on a Friday or Saturday and closed two weeks for Christmas. For every Morrisville home football game, we are open from games end (around 9:30) through 10:30.

What grades can attend?

Grades 6-12 or for special needs: those that can socially hang out with grades 6-12

Can my special needs child attend?

Yes! Your special needs child needs to be able to socially hang out with grades 6-12. Please bring you child in and introduce him or her to the staff, if you feel there is something specific we need to be aware of.

How much does it cost?

The youth center is always free, including our events. However, we do have the Rock Café, which students can buy candy, small food items, and drinks for nominal prices.

Does the parent also need to attend?

We always welcome parents to stop up and say hello, but you not required to attend.


What is your policy for taking pictures and video?

We take pictures, video, and audio at the youth center to post on our Facebook page and use in our different materials. Entrance to the youth center constitutes acceptance of this policy. If your likeness cannot be used, please inform the staff upon arrival each time.

What are the rules?

See Rules page here.

Can the Youth Center be rented out?

It is available for rent for birthday parties and events. Please contact the Executive Director for more information.

Are you building your own building for future use?

We have purchased the empty lot across the street and fully intend to build a full community center there. This would be not only the future site for the SRYC, but also a place for others in the community to use as well. We are currently in the architecture and funding phase. If you would like more information please contact the Executive Director.