• In 2005, Charissa Lees began the background work to establish the Solid Rock Youth Center. By 2006, the SRYC would open its doors in the upstairs wing of First Baptist Church for two hours a night with around 10 volunteer staff.

  • The church provided a location when no other suitable place could be found. They totally renovated their second floor to accommodate the SRYC. An Advisory Council and Executive Board (the elders of FBC) were also established.

  • Partnerships with other community organizations and events such as the Bulldog Dinners brought in the teens to enjoy new equipment that was constantly being donated. 


    A big part of the youth center became a free live concert every month. Bands from all over the East Coast traveled to play there. Including, a band just starting out called Unspoken. They are now a wildly popular Christian band.

  • The Community Service program was started in 2010 with the help of Judge Burns and is one of the only places in Morrisville for students to do community service. Since its inception, the program has served 42 youth, the majority of whom were court ordered and the rest who used it for school credit. 
          Cru and SRYC also joined forces to create one of the most popular events of the year to this day. The “Big Game” party has between 50 and 70 kids out to it every year.

  • Utilizing the whole building, All-Nighters, split into Jr and Sr High, are events that locked the teens in for the whole night. The teens are kept busy with all kinds of activities and the staff are exhausted come morning!

  • The SRYC received its 501c3 in 2012, officially establishing it as a non-for profit organization.


    A different event was established for every evening and events were changed as the youth’s needs changed.  Events included: Anime Fest, Kung Fu nights, Nerf wars, movie nights, Comic Con, tournaments, and more.

  • In 2014, a reshaping to focus more on the core values and missions led to the addition of being more family  focused. Events now included honoring the first responders, a Student Art Show, Music Festival, a meal once a month, and many more.

  • In 2015, the Shining Lights ministry was established, which focuses on the special needs community. This started with Caregiver’s Day the year prior, a day of rest and rejuvenation for mothers of special needs children. Later, a family support group was also added.

  • In 2016 a grant from William Penn Bank Community Foundation allowed them to to higher two interns from Cairn University and improve on programming and equipment, including their computer lab.
    This was also their 10 year birthday and they celebrated with a cruise on the Delaware River to thank all of their supporters and volunteers.

  •       In March, the SRYC relocated to 150 Harrison Ave as an interim location. This will enable growth in every area for the youth center. The future and final site for the youth center is also being planned. Come visit us!