Solid Rock Youth Center Behavior Policies for Youth 

Respect Staff:

Patrons are required to follow posted directions and the directions given by supervisory staff the first time. No exceptions.

Respect Each Other:

Teens are expected to behave appropriately while on Youth Center property. Roughhousing, yelling, play fighting, wrestling, running (except were designated), impolite behaviors are not acceptable behaviors.  In other words, keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. The Youth Center is a public place. If you and a significant other attend, you must be courteous.  No PDA (public displays of affection). Be courteous, reasonable, honest, respectful, and helpful to others, not sexist, racist, or discriminatory. No exceptions.


1. All teens must check-in at door and check out when leaving. No one may attend the Youth Center without a permission slip, rules and acceptance form, and signed liability release form on file.

2. Teens are expected to use appropriate and non-offensive language. Profanity of any type will NOT be tolerated. This includes using OMG or other forms of taking God’s name in vain.

3. NO possession, use, or dealing of cigarettes, tobacco, drugs and/or alcohol on site.  You may not enter the Center if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  No use of weapons, or anything resembling a weapon, at all.  None of these items will be allowed at the Center.  Persons suspected of having them will be searched.  They will be confiscated and not returned, furthermore the police will be called.

4. Treat other teens and adults’ belongings with respect. Destruction, vandalism, and/or theft of property will not be tolerated. Treat property and equipment as it is intended to be used. Do not steal or “borrow” Youth Center property.

5. The Youth Center is NOT responsible for personal items.

6. Always clean up after yourself when your activity is finished: Return games/movies/safety equipment/and other equipment to their designated storage areas.  If you notice that there’s a mess, help out with that too.

 7. Throw away waste in the proper trash or recycle containers.

8. All games inside and outside will be shared.  When your game is over let someone else have a turn.  You must sign in to play with video games.

9. All eating and drinking will be done in the café (unless told you may do otherwise, such as at a special event).  

10. Use the Center phone only with permission of a staff member or for an emergency.

11. Clothing must be modest and may not have offensive advertising or inappropriate language.  NO gang symbols or related clothing are allowed.  Follow the Youth Center’s rules for respect and family morals and values when choosing the clothes you’ll wear at the Youth Center.

12. All individuals must leave the facility and parking lot at the scheduled closing time.

13. Have a GREAT time!

If You Have a Problem:

If you have questions or need help, please ask us!  Let an adult leader know if you are depressed, feeling suicidal, or even if you just need to talk. We want you to come back again, and when you do, be a friend to other newcomers.  If you know that someone is in trouble, let a counselor know so that they can help.  Above all, use integrity, by respecting others’ privacy. Gossip and dishonesty destroy our community.


Disciplinary action will be left to the discretion of the SRYC Staff.  If you choose to disregard the above policies, expulsion and suspension or any other appropriate punishment may be handled as the staff determines.  Suspension can last from one day to an indefinite amount of time.  Police may be contacted.  Violation of a suspension may result in criminal trespass charges being levied against the suspended patron. 1. FIRST TIME A RULE IS BROKEN:  Verbal warning by

1. FIRST TIME A RULE IS BROKEN:  Verbal warning by director or other staff that any further infraction could necessitate a term of suspension decided upon by the Director. Warnings are received for any minor, inappropriate behavior within this Youth Center.  May be asked to leave for the day. This will recorded.

2. SECOND INFRACTION: Parents/Guardians will be notified of the infraction either verbally or written.  This will be recorded with 1 week suspension.

3. THIRD INFRACTION: Suspension for thirty days from time of the offense.  This will be recorded and a written explanation will be sent by certified mail to the parent(s).

4. FINAL INFRACTION: After the fourth offense the teen will be expelled from the Youth Center for 180 days.  This will be recorded and a written explanation will be sent by certified mail to the parent(s) and a meeting with the Director, supervisors, parents and individual will be held.

If an individual deliberately broke any equipment, that individual will pay for it at replacement cost.

If you are asked to leave the Center for breaking rules, vandalism, inappropriate behavior, or any other reason, you must have written parental permission to return when the consequence you earned has ended.