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YOU are the most important person in your teen’s life! We want to help you all that we can! This page was built just for you!

Parent and Cultural Newsletters

Our parent newsletter was designed to keep you informed on what is happening at the SRYC and give you some great articles to help you as you navigate those teenage years.

Youth Culture is a thing of intensity and misdirection. It is prevalent in every thought and action your teen takes, so it is important for you to keep up on all the ‘latest and greatest’ too. Our “Real Life” newsletter will help you do that and in record time too!

Training Seminars

Our training seminars help our staff to interact with the teens and help give them guidance. And they can do the same for you! They are self-guided and can be completed at any time. Topics cover:
Mentoring and Danger Signs
Interacting with Youth
Culture Awareness

Helpful Websites

The Source  Advice on culture, hot topics, common issues, and more

CYPU  A look at all things cultural hitting kids today and help in handling it

YPulse Another look at culture and things effecting kids in all avenues

HelloGiggles Looking at pop news from the younger generation’s viewpoint

Movie Guide  There are lots of movie guide websites, Plugged In is just one, but it also covers TV, music, games, and books

Gaming Guide    By using the Review Section link, any game on any consul can be looked up for a review of content, controls, ect.




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